Outdoor lighting perspectives of St. Louis C9 holiday lighting

This St. Louis storefront was lit using C9 holiday lights, which offer quaint beauty and some store owners choose to leave them up all year.

We’ve all seen it – the corner bistro with the old-fashioned looking lights that make it look just that much more romantic. Those romantic lights are actually C9 holiday lights that were likely installed in December and left up all year because of the romantic appeal and ambiance. These C9 lights have successfully graduated from a holiday delight to a year-round draw. This particular bistro uses romantic LED C9 lights to stand out just enough to get noticed at night and to be enticing enough to let customers know they will get a place that seeks to provide great ambiance for its patrons.

St. Louis year-round LED mini lights for ambiance and to draw shoppers

St. Louis year-round LED mini lights for ambiance and to draw shoppers

There are other “holiday lights” that are graduating to mainstream and year round and these are LED mini lights. Often in white, mini lights are the ones that generally wrap just tree trunks and large limbs as you see in the picture to the left. You can tell from the bright blue sky and lack of snow on the ground that it’s far from winter and this Dean & Deluca mini mall has its focal trees dressed in what used to be considered “just holiday lights”.

There are a couple great benefits that come with these lights graduating from seasonal to year round. Have you ever heard someone say “if I could just bottle that”? Think about the feeling you get when, in the dead of summer, you walk into a Christmas store at the beach or at your favorite mountain retreat? The minute you see the lights, smell the pink or cinnamon candles, or hear the music, your heart swells with the peaceful and magical feeling that Christmas brings. We’re guessing that although your towels are in the back seat, it’s likely you will leave with an ornament resembling your pooch or with your family member’s name on it.

With C9’s and mini lights, you truly can “just bottle that”. Many of our commercial customers are not only asking to leave their lights up year round, other small businesses and commercial establishments are calling to purchase these lights for their store fronts, shopping centers, restaurants and trees. Further, they’re not just good for outside or the front. Homeowners are considering hanging lights to line some of their backyard spaces. In addition to patio lighting for outdoor eating, restaurant owners are looking for more romantic lighting to set the mood for their outdoor eating areas.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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We are passionate about outdoor lighting because it is all we do.

We are passionate about outdoor lighting because it is all we do.

It’s holiday time. Everyone, absolutely everyone, will be trying to sell you a warranty. You’ll be in a hurry or in a long line of people and the talented sales person will quickly rattle off all the impressive benefits of the low-priced warranty. The salesman will then remind you how much you’re spending for that item and let you know the tremendous cost to replace your purchase if anything goes wrong. What do you really get with that service plan? You get a bundle of promises that may or may not deliver once you actually need to use the warranty. If you have kids with iPhones, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The way they found to destroy their i-phone is conveniently not covered in the warranty’s red tape.

A maintenance plan is completely different. With a maintenance plan, the goal is to keep your investment serviced so it lasts many years to come. With an annual maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry about when something goes wrong quickly heading to the mound of warranty papers you have to make sure your investment is safe if you encounter that particular problem. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we want you to call us if your bulb is out or if something is not working with your outdoor lighting. We want to protect your investment and we want your outdoor lighting to look the best it can for the life of your system.

upscale landscape lighting St. Louis

Take a look at this St. Albans home and how it’s beautified at night.

Think about maintenance on a car. Your car manufacturer will give you good deals to come in and get your oil changed because they know that critical maintenance task will dramatically improve your car’s life span. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we feel the same way. Thousands of area homeowners have purchased outdoor lighting from us throughout the more than a dozen years we’ve been in business here in St. Louis. Those systems have brightened homes and landscapes at night, made home safer and more secure, and increased the resale value of homes.

We want our customers’ lighting systems to look as good 5 and 10 years down the line as they do when we originally install them. That’s why a large percentage of our customers come back again and again to add lighting to other areas of their home such as adding lighting to their deck, patio, pool or backyard living spaces.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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ab4hxI was shopping this weekend at an outdoor mall. Parked in the center were 2 Maseratis with big red bows on top. As a business owner who does a lot of marketing, I appreciated the creativity of putting the Maserati in the center of an upscale mall near the place where the bored husbands sit and wait for their wives to finally stop shopping. Before too long, other men would saunter up to the car and peak inside. Frequently passers by would start singing something about their Maserati going 185. Although I’d love to meet the spouse that can gift a Maserati for the holidays, I began to think of other home improvements that would be great gifts. Being the owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, here is my list of the top 5 reasons you should buy your spouse outdoor lighting for Christmas instead of a Maserati.

  1. Depreciation
  2. Insurance
  3. Police keeping an eye on your investment instead of your neighbors
  4. Only one spouse is really going to enjoy it
  5. The midlife crisis assumption


We’ve all heard that a new car depreciates the minute it leaves the lot. And, with gusto, it keeps on depreciating. So before you’ve put on the parking brake in your driveway, you’ve just lost part of your investment. If you add a custom outdoor lighting package to your home, not only will your home appreciate, but the dramatic curb appeal improvement will help when you go to sell the house.


before and after OLP St. Louis

See the difference we can make at your home

Remember getting your license for the first time and realizing that freedom to enjoy the open roads comes with insurance? That’s like some kind of joke – especially if you had to pay your own insurance. Since your home is already protected by homeowner’s insurance, investments you make in your home will not come with an extra monthly fee to enjoy them.

Who’s keeping an eye on your investment?

You’ve heard people advise you not to get a red car. While the candy apple red gets your attention, it also gets the attention of police officers who expect red car drivers to go faster than the speed limit allows. With custom outdoor lighting at your home, your home will be the envy of your neighbors at night.

Shared investment?

For good or for bad, both spouses generally need to agree on an investment purchase. Having been married to an amazing wife and the mother of our 3 children, I can tell you that any substantial investment we make is going to have to be something we both use. An investment in your home such as outdoor lighting is something not only both spouses but other family members can enjoy.

Who’s going to accuse you of a midlife crisis if you purchase outdoor lighting as a joint gift for your home this holiday season?

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

All kidding aside, buying a “house gift” for eachother for Christmas is a great investment, that appreciates, that doesn’t require additional insurance, that’s the envy of your neighbors and nobody will question why you bought it.

Buy a house gift for your Christmas present to eachother. We keep inventory on hand so we can get your new custom outdoor lighting package installed quickly. Give us a call at (636) 561-1818 or email JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com. We look forward to your call!



LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights

LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights on the market.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve designed and installed over 1,000 outdoor lighting systems. Some would say we’ve seen it all – all the trends in outdoor lighting. In reality, well designed outdoor lighting is just not trendy. You’re just not going to see new color bulbs or new ways to light a tree. Classic upscale lighting is classic upscale lighting. Clean soft white lighting illuminating facades and landscapse are timeless. If we’ve seen one change, it’s in the emergence of LED outdoor lighting here in St. Louis. At its debut, LED was an expensive bulb technology although none disagreed that it would probably pay off. LED outdoor bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours – or more! But, LED outdoor bulbs are significantly more expensive. On the one hand, they don’t need annual replacement but it’s still difficult to make an exact case, in dollars and cents, of the long-term financial savings of going with LED.

Let’s look at just a little of the math. Let’s say you run your outdoor lighting system for 8 hours/night. On a bulb that lasts 5,000 hours, you would get 6,250 days out of that one single bulb. There are a couple more factors to add to this cost savings equation. In addition to long lasting bulbs, the bulbs utilize about 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Calculate the savings of using 90% less energy over 6,250 days!

Take the cost savings one step further. In our calculation, we considered running your outdoor lights 8 hours/night. This is an important number. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we utilize outdoor lighting control automation systems. The system is programmed to fit your needs. Let’s say you want your lights to come on at 8PM and stay on to deter intruders and illuminate your facade for 8 hours. This might mean you need to remember to turn your lights on and off. Lighting control automation is designed to take care of that for you. It’s truly a set-it-and-forget-it technology.

led or halogen with caption

There are a couple additional benefits of outdoor lighting control.

We can program your outdoor lighting control to illuminate at different levels at different times of the night. For example, we can program it to come on at 50% at dusk, 100% for the next 3 hours, turn off during the night, and come back on for 2 hours at dawn as your family leaves for work and school. One of the keys to that equation is the ever-changing dusk and dawn times and how these change further with daylight savings time. Our “smart” system follows these changing times. Just like the time on your cell phone automatically changes for daylight savings, our smart system knows the changing dusk time, dawn time, and new time after daylight savings time.

So how can St. Louis LED outdoor lighting be even more affordable? Lighting Automation. You never have to worry about turning the lights off. They will only run when you want them to and you don’t need to lift a finger to make this happen.

Longer lasting bulbs, dramatic energy efficiency, programmed usage, big savings. These savings are both on your pocket and also the environment.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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Landscape lighting done right

Our outdoor lighting enhances everything around it, with soft washes of light!

As you can imagine, this is a common question. We work with discerning St Louis area homeowners who are smart to do their due diligence when selecting a contractor for a significant home improvement such as adding outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting not only beautifies your home, but it also makes for safer movement about your yard at night. Architectural facade lighting not only shows of your home during the evening, but it also adds some home security. Would be intruders are smart to stay away from well illuminated areas. So many of our St. Louis area customers also have backyard outdoor lighting on their pool, patio, or deck. They often tell us that previous to adding backyard lighting, nobody ever went out to those areas at night.

There are a lot of great reasons to work specifically with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives but here are our top 5.

  1. Fourteen years in St. Louis
  2. Trained lighting designers
  3. Best of the old and new technologies
  4. Quick installation
  5. We focus on outdoor lighting

Fourteen years in St. Louis

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis opened in 2000. For 14 years we have been serving local customers throughout the metro market in areas including St. Albans, Chesterfield, Wildwood, and throughout many more of St Louis’ top locales. We have thousands of happy customers and these are not only one-time customers. We also provide annual maintenance programs to ensure your lighting package continues to look as good as when it was first installed. How many local home improvement providers have been serving this market for almost 15 years?

Patio lighting St. Louis

Patio lighting St. Louis

Trained lighting designers

Our outdoor lighting designers are trained in designing and installing outdoor lighting. Like any home improvement, you look for a specialist because of the experience that specialist brings to the table. Having installed outdoor lighting at thousands of local homes, we we blend our expert training with our experience to bring the best outdoor lighting designs to your home.

Best of the old and new technologies

With any home improvement, not only are there lots of choices, but that list expands exponentially when adding all the new technologies. Take LED for example. We hear a lot about LED. It’s a great technology and the bulbs last 50,000 hours or more. Imagine not having to change a bulb for years! Compare that to even a simple lamp in your home. You probably keep a small stash of light bulbs just for the lamps and overhead lighting fixtures that seem to need new bulbs on a regular basis. But, when a bulb is good enough to last for years, it has a higher price. We kept a close watch on this new technology both from a capabilities and also a cost perspective. We feel the time is right for LED technologies. We are not only offering this as an option for new customers. Many of our existing customers are asking us to retro-fit their lighting to LED which we are able to do.

Quick installation

When you are ready to move forward with a home improvement, it’s probably something you have thought about for quite a while. You’ve no doubt done your research and you’re not only ready to say go on the expense, but you also want it installed as quickly as possible. We know this so we keep inventory on hand to complete installations often within a few days to a week after our customers contract with us for their lighting.

We focus on outdoor lighting, and that’s all!

We have had too many calls from St. Louis homeowners telling us that they contracted with their landscaper or irrigation company for their outdoor lighting, and the system is worthless. We’ve pulled countless numbers of those systems out and put in professional outdoor lighting. We don’t install sprinklers. We don’t offer any landscaping services. We focus on outdoor lighting and we do lighting right.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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St. Louis facade and architectural lighting

This home is the epitome of proper architectural and facade lighting done right. By accentuating the width and height of this homes design, it is transformed to elegant and

We all know those people that are impossible to buy for. They don’t have everything but they likely plan well, save well, or have enough discretionary income to purchase the things they’d really like for their family and their homes. So what in the world do you get them for Christmas or Hanukkah? The holidays are a great time of year to give a really thought-full gift. What about giving them a gift for their home that will last for many years to come? And, what if this perfect gift for their home also provides increased outdoor safety for them and their children? Even better, what if this gift increases the value of their home?

A perfect holiday gift is an outdoor lighting system for their home!

When most people think of adding a professional outdoor lighting system to their homes, they imagine a few up lights that make the house noticeable at night. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our professionally designed outdoor lighting systems are anything but a few up lights. We come to your home, take a look at your architecture and listen to your needs and goals for your lighting. We then propose an outdoor lighting design that’s perfect for your home. Professionally designed outdoor lighting should gently illuminate the facade of your home from side to side. Good outdoor lighting should not cast lines of light and should not create a spotlight effect. You want to enjoy the beautiful facade of your home at night the way you enjoy it during the day. Take a look at our nighttime pictures and you will see appreciate the difference between professional lighting and that lighting which might be installed by another tradesman.

Rhode Island tree and landscape lightingCan you buy someone outdoor lighting as a surprise?

We are certainly happy to help you try! If you have a really good idea about the type of outdoor lighting you are looking to give to them, we can try to meet you during the day, at their home, at a time you know they will not be home. We can provide recommendations and a lighting plan for not only their home’s facade, but also for any backyard areas you’d like to illuminate.

Giving the gift of safety

Outdoor lighting provides safety in 2 key ways. First, it provides illumination in the areas that intruders like to hide. It’s proven that intruders are less likely to select homes that are well illuminated. Another way it provides safety is by illuminating walkways, driveways, and other areas where your family moves about your property at night. Backyard lighting also provides safety. If they have a pool that’s a ways out in the yard, we can illuminate that path. If they have a patio where they like to spend time in the evening, we can illuminate that as well.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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Stunningly beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed for you

Stunningly beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed for you

You may or may not be familiar with what is called C9 lighting – that is, you may not be familiar with the terminology. But we are certain you are familiar with the lights themselves. Think of your childhood Christmas tree and the string of multi-color bulbs that went around it. That is C9 lighting. Their popularity seems to be having a tremendous resurgence. Our St Louis customers are asking for this lighting for their outdoor holiday lighting applications. These applications include roofline lighting, tree wrap lighting, neighborhood sign lighting and more.

multicolor C9 Christmas holiday lights St LouisThis brings us to the next question which is color. The indoor Christmas tree wrap lights of our childhood were multi-color. If you celebrate Christmas, you almost certainly remember enjoying looking from bulb to bulb an enjoying the color variety. Add moving this lighting motif outside and modern decorating techniques. Now you’ll find mostly single color strands and most often that will be white. Upscale homeowners appreciate the simple elegance of white lights. The lights are understated to delicately illuminate the facade while also bringing holiday cheer to your home.

Also popular are red and green lights.

The use of different color C9 lights for different landscape elements is very effective from an aesthetic perspective.

The use of different color C9 lights for different landscape elements is very effective from an aesthetic perspective.

The important thing is selecting the color palette that warms your heart and brings the spirit of Christmas to your outdoor Christmas lighting. Hopefully some of the pictures here have helped you see different options. We will work with you to recommend the best lights and best colors for your outdoor Christmas holiday lighting. The icing on the cake is that we also install and take down your Christmas lights so after picking a color and working collaboratively on a design, you don’t have to do a thing.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Give us a call now. Installation times are already filling up for this holiday season.

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