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Outdoor lighting perspectives of St. Louis C9 holiday lighting

This St. Louis storefront was lit using C9 holiday lights, which offer quaint beauty and some store owners choose to leave them up all year.

We’ve all seen it – the corner bistro with the old-fashioned looking lights that make it look just that much more romantic. Those romantic lights are actually C9 holiday lights that were likely installed in December and left up all year because of the romantic appeal and ambiance. These C9 lights have successfully graduated from a holiday delight to a year-round draw. This particular bistro uses romantic LED C9 lights to stand out just enough to get noticed at night and to be enticing enough to let customers know they will get a place that seeks to provide great ambiance for its patrons.

St. Louis year-round LED mini lights for ambiance and to draw shoppers

St. Louis year-round LED mini lights for ambiance and to draw shoppers

There are other “holiday lights” that are graduating to mainstream and year round and these are LED mini lights. Often in white, mini lights are the ones that generally wrap just tree trunks and large limbs as you see in the picture to the left. You can tell from the bright blue sky and lack of snow on the ground that it’s far from winter and this Dean & Deluca mini mall has its focal trees dressed in what used to be considered “just holiday lights”.

There are a couple great benefits that come with these lights graduating from seasonal to year round. Have you ever heard someone say “if I could just bottle that”? Think about the feeling you get when, in the dead of summer, you walk into a Christmas store at the beach or at your favorite mountain retreat? The minute you see the lights, smell the pink or cinnamon candles, or hear the music, your heart swells with the peaceful and magical feeling that Christmas brings. We’re guessing that although your towels are in the back seat, it’s likely you will leave with an ornament resembling your pooch or with your family member’s name on it.

With C9’s and mini lights, you truly can “just bottle that”. Many of our commercial customers are not only asking to leave their lights up year round, other small businesses and commercial establishments are calling to purchase these lights for their store fronts, shopping centers, restaurants and trees. Further, they’re not just good for outside or the front. Homeowners are considering hanging lights to line some of their backyard spaces. In addition to patio lighting for outdoor eating, restaurant owners are looking for more romantic lighting to set the mood for their outdoor eating areas.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Give us a call for a free consultation about adding outdoor lighting to your St. Louis area home.

Call (636) 561-1818 or email me personally at JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com. We look forward to your call!



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Stunningly beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed for you

Stunningly beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed for you

You may or may not be familiar with what is called C9 lighting – that is, you may not be familiar with the terminology. But we are certain you are familiar with the lights themselves. Think of your childhood Christmas tree and the string of multi-color bulbs that went around it. That is C9 lighting. Their popularity seems to be having a tremendous resurgence. Our St Louis customers are asking for this lighting for their outdoor holiday lighting applications. These applications include roofline lighting, tree wrap lighting, neighborhood sign lighting and more.

multicolor C9 Christmas holiday lights St LouisThis brings us to the next question which is color. The indoor Christmas tree wrap lights of our childhood were multi-color. If you celebrate Christmas, you almost certainly remember enjoying looking from bulb to bulb an enjoying the color variety. Add moving this lighting motif outside and modern decorating techniques. Now you’ll find mostly single color strands and most often that will be white. Upscale homeowners appreciate the simple elegance of white lights. The lights are understated to delicately illuminate the facade while also bringing holiday cheer to your home.

Also popular are red and green lights.

The use of different color C9 lights for different landscape elements is very effective from an aesthetic perspective.

The use of different color C9 lights for different landscape elements is very effective from an aesthetic perspective.

The important thing is selecting the color palette that warms your heart and brings the spirit of Christmas to your outdoor Christmas lighting. Hopefully some of the pictures here have helped you see different options. We will work with you to recommend the best lights and best colors for your outdoor Christmas holiday lighting. The icing on the cake is that we also install and take down your Christmas lights so after picking a color and working collaboratively on a design, you don’t have to do a thing.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Give us a call now. Installation times are already filling up for this holiday season.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis at (636) 561-1818 or email me at jimschwartz@outdoorlights.com and we will take care of your outdoor holiday magic!

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis Commercial holiday tree lightingAny time you see a magician in a movie he always tells someone, “A magician never reveals his secrets.” Sometimes the magician will let slip that the key to a successful magic act is getting the audience to look where you want them to, not at the real work your hands are doing.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St Louis works under the same principle. Decide what you want your guests and visitors to see and make those areas shine. If you have a stand of gorgeous river birches, use uplighting to show them standing tall and majestic in the night. Leave the nook where you keep the trashcans in the dark. Light the areas where guests enter your yard and your home.

C9 Holiday outdoor lights by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

These elegant and quaint holiday lights become the star of the show.

Your holiday lights can direct not only your guests’ eyes, but their actions as well. If you have multiple entrances to your home, you can signal that you want them to walk or park in certain areas by guiding them with strategically placed lighting. You can also build the anticipation for a festive holiday party by starting your lighting at the street and continually lighting the path to the house. It’s a very subtle but effective technique.

The most magical effect of holiday lighting is that it makes your home the place people want to gather. When family is arriving after the car trip that lasted 2 hours too long, the sight of your home welcoming them with the promise of a gracious welcome and holiday cheer is going to fill them with excitement (and

St. Louis traditional holiday lighting

Our holiday lighting is steeped in beauty, quality and peace of mind for the homeowner

relief!). Guests will know which home is  yours because it is the only one on the block with the 6-foot tall twinkling wreath hung at the roof peak (or whatever signature decoration you’ve chosen). They will easily identify it with you and know that the best party of the season is about to start!

If you are going to have outdoor lighting at your home this season, the time to make that decision is now. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we install your lights for you. So, your holiday planning is as easy as giving us a ring and selecting the outdoor holiday lighting of your dreams. We literally take care of the rest. As you can imagine, the most popular day to have your lights turned on is Black Friday. For our customers, we install their lights earlier in November so all they have to do is flip the switch. If you want to turn your holiday lights on right after Thanksgiving, you will want to call now so we can schedule and complete your install in time. Time slots for early installations are already going.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis at (636) 561-1818 or email me at JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com. One early October call to us will have your outdoor lighting taken care of and ready to turn on any time your heart desires.

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In September, fall clothes started coming out. As much as we didn’t want to see summer end, we all bought some. Fall is here and winter will soon follow. The first of October will make you start thinking about your holiday planning. When are the in-laws arriving? When are you holding the annual holiday party? Is the house ready for the holidays? Are there any improvements or maintenance items that can be checked off the list now to whittle that list down early? Whether or not you’re hosting the annual Christmas party at your home, you will be decorating your home for the holidays and we can help make that as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Call us and order
  2. Pick a date for us to put up your holiday lights
  3. Check holiday lighting off your list
Stunningly beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed for you

Stunningly beautiful LED outdoor lighting installed for you

Our holiday program was designed for busy homeowners and homeowners that wanted a turnkey holiday lighting program. Basically, we just do it all. We work together to select the outdoor holiday lighting you want. You pick an installation date and we take care of the rest. Our trained, licensed, and insured designers install all your holiday outdoor lighting when you want it installed. Let’s say you want to turn the lights on the day after Thanksgiving. If you get your order on our installation list early, we will have it ready for you to simply flip a switch on November 28th and your home’s exterior will come to life with stunning holiday lighting.

What kind of options are available?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, our holiday lighting program includes lighting your home and also your landscape. For your home, a very popular selection is roofline lighting. Have a lot of beautiful architectural peaks to your home’s facade? That’s no problem. Just let us know what you want and don’t give it another thought. For lighting your yard, we can wrap your tree canopies, trunks or the entire tree. Don’t put a ladder on your holiday list just to wrap your trees with beautiful mini lights or C9 LED lights, just let us know what you want.

A few stunning and strategically placed wreaths  say Merry Christmas to all who visit your home!

A few stunning and strategically placed wreaths say Merry Christmas to all who visit your home!

Many of our holiday outdoor lighting customers choose holiday lighting at their home’s entrance whether it’s a tree wrap near the end of the driveway or wrapping the pillars flanking your driveway. Or, perhaps a couple lighted wreaths hung on your front gate will do the trick to bring cheer to all when enter. Don’t forget the lighted Christmas wreaths on your home’s facade. We have a stunning selection of wreaths available.

How early do you need to call?

Like anything, in order to get the date you want, it’s best to call early. Many of our St Louis Christmas lighting customers want to turn their holiday lighting on the day after Thanksgiving. Call us now to make sure your installation will be done in time for you to do that.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Just call us and then check this item off your list: (636) 561 – 1818 or email olpstl@outdoorlights.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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mini lights Dean and Deluca tree lights St LouisIt may be Labor Day for most of us. But for commercial business owners, that is the signal that it’s time to make the decision on holiday lighting. Many retail businesses live and die by their 4th quarter sales. Everything from aromatic candles to the right background music must be thought of and attended to now – in September. The most important of any of these is holiday outdoor lighting. If you can’t bring them in the door, then the rest of it is irrelevant.

But, the good news is that all your hard work on setting up the holiday display doesn’t need to be lost after the couple month long holiday season. We are seeing a trend among business owners and it’s hot.

Increase traffic by leaving the tree lighting up year-round at your business!

mini light outdoor tree lighting St LouisYou have probably seen tree lighting applications used along storefronts, and maybe even outside your favorite bistro or upscale restaurant. Not only does tree lighting create a magical setting  by promoting ambiance at your storefront or place of business. It will also make your business stand out from the ordinary and increase character and traffic seasonally and year-round.

With this in mind; all holiday tree lighting is not created equal. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis offers various genres of tree lighting to choose from. Many times the shape, branching  and girth of the tree being considered for lighting will dictate the best style of lighting to use. These may include using multiple strands of romantic LED mini-lights for wrapping tree trunks and branches or wrapping the whole tree in distinctive C9’s.  Both of these applications create a magical effect when integrated into commercial settings.

A good example of permanent tree lighting that is drawing in more potential clients is this Dean & Deluca storefront. D&D specializes in gourmet and fine foods and food gifts. As you can see through the pictures the use of tree lighting exudes an upscale ambiance that reflects the feeling the store itself wants to promote to their clients — and it is doing the job! A dimly lit storefront does not gain the same attention of one which is illuminated with romantic lighting drawing patrons in like a moth to a flame.

St. Louis C9 storefront commercial lighting

Many of our commercial holiday lighting customers opt to leave their LED C9 roofline lights up year round. They are economical, durable and long-lasting and add ambiance to your storefront.

Our commercial accounts also include outdoor bank lighting, retail storefront holiday lighting, restaurant holiday lighting, as well as outdoor lighting for coffee shops and many  independent businesses in around the St. Louis area. You name it; we can illuminate it for the holidays or all year. Our outdoor holiday lighting fixtures range from the use of the popular C9 bulb that mimics the classic lights of yesteryear used to line the buildings on quaint city streets, to permanent festival lighting and tree lighting. Our exclusive lighting designs are sure to create a distinct ambiance that your business can benefit from year-round too!

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis to learn how adding a touch of Christmas cheer in the form of our beautiful outdoor holiday lighting designs can do for you business, and your employee morale — for the upcoming season and beyond!
(636) 561 – 1818
email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com




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Even Santa is getting in the holiday state of mind!

Even Santa is getting in the holiday state of mind!

Yes, it’s hot, humid and it’s the time of year when staying close to the pool, or A/C seems like the best idea. It may seem premature, but in reality July marks the half-way point to Christmas. Even though temperatures are sweltering, Christmas is only six months away and in the business of outdoor lighting tis’ the season to begin thinking about the busy holiday lighting season ahead! Now is the time when it is the most advantageous to think of your landscape as a winter wonderland. We can plan your lighting display now because decisions like holiday lighting need to be made early. This is especially important in your retail business when holiday lights could mean the difference between capturing early holiday sales or not.

Merry Christmas from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis

Merry Christmas in July from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis.

Our holiday lighting program is an ultra-convenient, ultra-beautiful way to take care of your holiday lighting needs. In addition, our holiday lighting program takes one of the most dreaded tasks of the year and makes it something to look forward to (even when it is 99 degrees in the shade!) All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the season with family and friends. With us doing the hard part such as the teetering ladder, tangled cords and headaches of installing your holiday lights, the frustration, danger and hassle is non-existent!

St. Louis outdoor Christmas lights

St. Louis outdoor Christmas lights.

We actually design, order, install, remove and store your outdoor holiday lighting for you. We offer the widest selection of outdoor holiday lights around, everything from classic and elegant to unique and over the top designs. We also offer a huge selection of super efficient and eco-friendly LED lights. We translate your desired holiday lighting theme, colors and locations you wish to illuminate into a customized design and then order all the lights for you. When the time is right, we install your holiday lights to enjoy until it is time to remove the lights. After the holiday season is over, we will come out and professionally remove your outdoor holiday lighting and store it in our temperature controlled warehouse until the next holiday season.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today to get on our holiday lighting program list. We cater to residential and commercial locations to help increase holiday sales by adding holiday cheer to your storefront. While you continue to enjoy your summer, don’t forget to add us to your to-do list before all our spots are filled and you are left in the dark during the holidays!  (636) 561 – 1818 email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com
Visit our outdoor holiday lighting page on our website to help get you in the magical holiday state of mind!

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Just when you thought it was safe to wander the evening landscape….

Bad lighting part two

Even those who aren’t familiar with the elements that go into professional outdoor lighting installations can see there are a host of negative factors going on in the picture above. Many times, inexperienced and untrained installers will have the right idea, but don’t have the skill level to effectively make the idea a reality. Let’s point out exactly what is wrong in this scenario:

#1) It doesn’t appear that the light is directed toward anything in particular, except the sky.

#2) The wiring protruding from the fixture itself becomes a focal point.

#3) The patina of the fixture doesn’t blend naturally with the landscape around it, or the structures.

#4) The fixture appears to be broken down and damaged from exposure to the elements.

#5) This is not a complementary design. The installation takes away from the setting rather than enhancing it.

Landscape lighting done right

Our outdoor lighting enhances everything around it, with soft washes of romantic light!

It is obvious by observing the details of this photo that this property is actually steeped in classic curb appeal. Notice the detailed column, the use of iron railing and the brick facade of the house. Proper outdoor lighting would enhance this area of the home, rather than take away from it. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we realize the importance of proper outdoor lighting. In addition, we also know that bad outdoor lighting can leave the wrong impression at a good property!

Pointing it outIn pointing out all the elements that are incorrect in the above photo, we also want to point out what we would have done differently in the design and installation to have a much different outcome:

#1) A key element to proper facade and architectural lighting is to accentuate the height of your home by illuminating bottom to top – The key here is to avoid your home being well lit at the bottom only to drift up into darkness as your reach the higher levels of your home’s individual architecture. We use up lighting to enhance your home’s individual features such as columns, dormers and gable peaks. We also use lighting to accentuate custom elements such as stone work or masonry you want to focus on. The key to good up lighting is to install the lights in close proximity to the home itself, not on the actual house. This produces a soft wash of light rather than glaring lighting with gaps and hot spots on the facade of your home.

#2) Well-appointed outdoor lighting should focus of your attention on the light itself, not the light fixture – There is a certain elegance in the creative design of fixture obscurity when it comes to proper outdoor lighting. Obscurity means nothing is left to divert the eye from the ambiance of the light. In addition, unsightly components, though often a necessity, should also be obscured and out of sight. There is nothing more disheartening than to walk into a beauitful landscape and visibly see wiring strewn about.

Copper path light

Our fixtures are made with quality metals like copper and brass and are built to last, year after year.


#3) Our high-quality fixtures blend with the landscape and weather to a elegant patina over time -Our exclusive outdoor lighting fixtures are among the best in the outdoor lighting industry. They are made with copper and brass that age to a beautiful patina over time and they are built to last.

Outdoor lighting with curb appeal

Notice how our quality fixtures blend into the landscape, leaving the focus to the lighting itself.

#4) Our philosophy involves presenting you with a total lighting effect – As if by some magical unseen force; wiring, cords and transformers are made to seem invisible and all you have left is an outdoor lighting installation that enhances beauty and safety.

#5) Design is important when it comes to a successful outdoor lighting installation – A properly designed and installed outdoor lighting application leaves your home and landscape enhanced with soft washes of light that are cohesive, not illuminated in bits and pieces.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today to learn more about making the most out of your home and landscape by doing it right the fist time with our quality outdoor lighting and avoid the epic outdoor lighting fail. (636) 561 – 1818 email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

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