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LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights

LED lights are long lasting, energy efficient and among the safest lights on the market.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve designed and installed over 1,000 outdoor lighting systems. Some would say we’ve seen it all – all the trends in outdoor lighting. In reality, well designed outdoor lighting is just not trendy. You’re just not going to see new color bulbs or new ways to light a tree. Classic upscale lighting is classic upscale lighting. Clean soft white lighting illuminating facades and landscapse are timeless. If we’ve seen one change, it’s in the emergence of LED outdoor lighting here in St. Louis. At its debut, LED was an expensive bulb technology although none disagreed that it would probably pay off. LED outdoor bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours – or more! But, LED outdoor bulbs are significantly more expensive. On the one hand, they don’t need annual replacement but it’s still difficult to make an exact case, in dollars and cents, of the long-term financial savings of going with LED.

Let’s look at just a little of the math. Let’s say you run your outdoor lighting system for 8 hours/night. On a bulb that lasts 5,000 hours, you would get 6,250 days out of that one single bulb. There are a couple more factors to add to this cost savings equation. In addition to long lasting bulbs, the bulbs utilize about 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Calculate the savings of using 90% less energy over 6,250 days!

Take the cost savings one step further. In our calculation, we considered running your outdoor lights 8 hours/night. This is an important number. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we utilize outdoor lighting control automation systems. The system is programmed to fit your needs. Let’s say you want your lights to come on at 8PM and stay on to deter intruders and illuminate your facade for 8 hours. This might mean you need to remember to turn your lights on and off. Lighting control automation is designed to take care of that for you. It’s truly a set-it-and-forget-it technology.

led or halogen with caption

There are a couple additional benefits of outdoor lighting control.

We can program your outdoor lighting control to illuminate at different levels at different times of the night. For example, we can program it to come on at 50% at dusk, 100% for the next 3 hours, turn off during the night, and come back on for 2 hours at dawn as your family leaves for work and school. One of the keys to that equation is the ever-changing dusk and dawn times and how these change further with daylight savings time. Our “smart” system follows these changing times. Just like the time on your cell phone automatically changes for daylight savings, our smart system knows the changing dusk time, dawn time, and new time after daylight savings time.

So how can St. Louis LED outdoor lighting be even more affordable? Lighting Automation. You never have to worry about turning the lights off. They will only run when you want them to and you don’t need to lift a finger to make this happen.

Longer lasting bulbs, dramatic energy efficiency, programmed usage, big savings. These savings are both on your pocket and also the environment.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

If you are considering adding outdoor lighting to your St. Louis area home, give us a call for a free consultation at at  (636) 561-1818 or email JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com. We look forward to your call!


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Hot St. Louis summer

The heat can place a damper on outdoor living enjoyment during the hot, balmy daytime hours.

Summer is the season we all look forward to. The kids are out of school which allows us more freedom to take advantage of recreational opportunities. There are less time constraints, fewer obligations and less madness giving us more time to relax.  However, the heat that also comes along with summer can place a damper on your comfort level while trying to enjoy the season. This is especially the case when spending time outdoors during the day.

St. Louis landscape lighting integrated with pool lighting

St. Louis landscape lighting integrated with pool lighting.

The sanctuary of your own backyard can quickly turn into the enemy when daytime temperatures begin to soar. This is why so many homeowners opt to plan their outdoor events and gatherings on summer evenings rather than during the heat of the daytime hours. Summer evenings in St. Louis are quite nice and the perfect time to enjoy all your backyard has to offer!

St. Louis deck and patio lighting

Outdoor lighting will enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces this summer.

Homeowners all over the St. Louis area are making outdoor lights a priority for this very reason: to enhance the enjoyment of their outdoor living spaces, pools and landscapes in the evening when it’s cool enough to spend time outdoors. You invest a lot of time and money into making sure that your outdoor spaces look great so you don’t want it to all disappear at night. With outdoor lighting, you can use your yard late into the evening to enjoy the milder temperatures of summer evenings with a view that only outdoor lighting allows. That dinner party on the deck or patio is now well within the realm of possibility. Enjoy that late night pool party with your kids on a warm summer night. Outdoor lighting can make the use of your property at all times almost limitless.

Summer evening pool parties are made possible with good outdoor lighting!

Summer evening pool parties are made possible with good outdoor lighting!

When you add lighting to your landscape and outdoor living spaces  you add a whole new element of excitement for you and your family to experience during the summer. You will be able to enjoy the cooler summer evenings and your home will look great. Keep in mind, the advantages of lighting go far past the outdoor living season and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Consider that your home will be safer and more secure with the addition of outdoor lighting.

St. Louis patio lighting

Cool down and enjoy the summer nights with deck and patio lighting!

A huge benefit is that your home is also be less likely to be burglarized with a good lighting design. Potential thieves will have a harder time sneaking around unnoticed when your home and landscape is well lit. In addition, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis also offers lighting control automation technology(LCA) which enables you to control your lighting from any location, anytime. This means that when you are away on summer vacation, your outdoor lights will still come on because LCA enables you to schedule the lighting having your home always appear that “someone is home”. The combination of safety and beauty outdoor lighting provides elevates the value of your home, so increasing your home’s value is an added benefit to having a well-planned outdoor lighting design.

St. Louis patio lighting on the lakefront!

Ahhhh…St. Louis patio lighting on the lakefront!

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

If you are debating about investing in outdoor lighting, or have been putting it off until the time is right – now is the right time! Outdoor lighting is just what your home and landscape need year round. From entertainment to security, outdoor lighting has an array of benefits but the only thing missing is you – contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today to learn more about our quality outdoor lighting designs. (636) 561 – 1818, Email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com Please visit our garden and landscape lighting photo gallery and our outdoor lighting photo gallery located on our website to see more benefits of outdoor lighting.

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Just when you thought it was safe to wander the evening landscape….

Bad lighting part two

Even those who aren’t familiar with the elements that go into professional outdoor lighting installations can see there are a host of negative factors going on in the picture above. Many times, inexperienced and untrained installers will have the right idea, but don’t have the skill level to effectively make the idea a reality. Let’s point out exactly what is wrong in this scenario:

#1) It doesn’t appear that the light is directed toward anything in particular, except the sky.

#2) The wiring protruding from the fixture itself becomes a focal point.

#3) The patina of the fixture doesn’t blend naturally with the landscape around it, or the structures.

#4) The fixture appears to be broken down and damaged from exposure to the elements.

#5) This is not a complementary design. The installation takes away from the setting rather than enhancing it.

Landscape lighting done right

Our outdoor lighting enhances everything around it, with soft washes of romantic light!

It is obvious by observing the details of this photo that this property is actually steeped in classic curb appeal. Notice the detailed column, the use of iron railing and the brick facade of the house. Proper outdoor lighting would enhance this area of the home, rather than take away from it. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we realize the importance of proper outdoor lighting. In addition, we also know that bad outdoor lighting can leave the wrong impression at a good property!

Pointing it outIn pointing out all the elements that are incorrect in the above photo, we also want to point out what we would have done differently in the design and installation to have a much different outcome:

#1) A key element to proper facade and architectural lighting is to accentuate the height of your home by illuminating bottom to top – The key here is to avoid your home being well lit at the bottom only to drift up into darkness as your reach the higher levels of your home’s individual architecture. We use up lighting to enhance your home’s individual features such as columns, dormers and gable peaks. We also use lighting to accentuate custom elements such as stone work or masonry you want to focus on. The key to good up lighting is to install the lights in close proximity to the home itself, not on the actual house. This produces a soft wash of light rather than glaring lighting with gaps and hot spots on the facade of your home.

#2) Well-appointed outdoor lighting should focus of your attention on the light itself, not the light fixture – There is a certain elegance in the creative design of fixture obscurity when it comes to proper outdoor lighting. Obscurity means nothing is left to divert the eye from the ambiance of the light. In addition, unsightly components, though often a necessity, should also be obscured and out of sight. There is nothing more disheartening than to walk into a beauitful landscape and visibly see wiring strewn about.

Copper path light

Our fixtures are made with quality metals like copper and brass and are built to last, year after year.


#3) Our high-quality fixtures blend with the landscape and weather to a elegant patina over time -Our exclusive outdoor lighting fixtures are among the best in the outdoor lighting industry. They are made with copper and brass that age to a beautiful patina over time and they are built to last.

Outdoor lighting with curb appeal

Notice how our quality fixtures blend into the landscape, leaving the focus to the lighting itself.

#4) Our philosophy involves presenting you with a total lighting effect – As if by some magical unseen force; wiring, cords and transformers are made to seem invisible and all you have left is an outdoor lighting installation that enhances beauty and safety.

#5) Design is important when it comes to a successful outdoor lighting installation – A properly designed and installed outdoor lighting application leaves your home and landscape enhanced with soft washes of light that are cohesive, not illuminated in bits and pieces.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today to learn more about making the most out of your home and landscape by doing it right the fist time with our quality outdoor lighting and avoid the epic outdoor lighting fail. (636) 561 – 1818 email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

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St. Louis LED landscape lighting

Lighting Control Automation (LCA) is a unique system we can install for you that allows your landscape lighting or even your entire home to be automated.

Now is the time of year when homeowners begin to ponder how others view the landscape that surrounds the front of their homes, and their home’s entrances. Over the course of a few short weeks, and even into the holidays, your home’s entrance is likely to be visited more often during the fall and winter months than any other time of the year. This includes the annual pilgrimage of children, and sometimes parents, making their way to your front door to celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating and the multitude of family and friends that will frequent the path to your front door during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. As a homeowner, you want to ensure your front entrance, garage and the area surrounding it is well-lit for the safety of those coming to call. Properly illuminating the front of your home also adds a huge amount of curb appeal. Along with adding components such as path lighting, architectural lighting and landscape lighting to help illuminate your home’s entrance, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis also provides automation to tie all of your outdoor lighting in together and make it work efficiently.

Your outdoor lighting includes your professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system. But it also includes your coach lights on the front and possibly the side of your home. Aren’t these the lights we forget to turn off most often? We can tie your existing porch and coach lighting into our innovative LCA system. Our LCA system, or Lighting Control Automation, is the smart technology that turns your outdoor lights on and off depending to the specifications you designate. This approach will allow you to have the lighting where you need it most, with effortless controls so you never have to worry about.

Bad St. Louis solar lighting

This home has a poorly lit entrance and garage.

Lighting Control Automation (LCA) is a unique system we can install for you that allows your landscape lighting or even your entire home to be automated.  An indoor timer is programmed with your latitude/longitude along with the day and time so that it knows sunrise and sunset for every day of the year, turning on and off the lights automatically every night.   Adjusting for daylight savings is automatic.  Homeowners also have an indoor controller providing an additional benefit toward increased home security by providing a “panic button”.  If the homeowner hears something outside at three in the morning, one push of a button and everything outside is illuminated. With additional LCA modules or switches, the homeowner can even have porch lights and garage coach lights come on in a dimmed state to blend seamlessly with the landscape lights.  This is a premium feature available here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis. It provides control that will save you money and provide a safer home for you and your family. Here is how it works…

  • Good outdoor lighting should include your garage

    This outdoor lighting installation includes LCA which allows the coach and entry lights to gradually reach full illumination over the course of the evening.

    Coach and porch lights can be programmed to come on in a dimmed state at the onset of dusk. As the evening grows darker, the lights will gradually increase until they are at full illumination. This “progressive illumination” feature will save you energy costs and upkeep because the bulbs will not burn out and need replacing as quickly as standard lighting. This automation can be programmed to the lighting at all your home’s entrances, including front porch, side porch, and garage entry locations

I have had my coach lights tied into the LCA system at my home and can attest that I have not had to replace the bulbs for almost six years because we programmed the system to gradually turn the bulbs on which dramatically increases the longevity of the bulbs.

St. Louis LED outdoor lighting conversions

Our LCA can provide peace of mind when vacationing or away from your home for extended periods of time.

Our LCA features can also be used as a measure of safety when you are away. By programming the coach and entry lighting to come on and go off at varied times your home will appear that someone is always home even when you are away. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to controlling the lighting around your home. To learn more about the benefits of using LCA in your home and landscape, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today (636) 561 – 1818 Email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

You can see more examples of LCA in action by visiting our outdoor lighting photo gallery and our architectural and facade lighting photo gallery located on our website.

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Daylight savings time ends on November 3rd, that means it is time to reprogram the outdoor lighting to reflect the change- our LCA reflects this change automatically.

Daylight savings time ends on November 3rd, that means it is time to reprogram the outdoor lighting to reflect the change- our LCA reflects this change automatically.

In just a few short weeks it will be time to make the rounds and turn back all the clocks and other devices to reflect the end of daylight savings time. November 3rd is the date it will be time to fall back into the monotonous task of manually programming your outdoor lighting to also reflect the time change, and loss of daylight so you won’t be left in the dark! In an era when we have so many electronic devices that need amending when DST rolls around, it is a blessing to know many of those devices come equipped with the ability to automatically change with DST without having to lift a finger. Many computers, smart phones and other electronics come with this technology, but did you know your outdoor lighting can adjust accordingly as well?


One of our super-convenient LCA timers.

That’s right. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis uses LCA, or lighting control automation, to program your exterior outdoor lighting to adjust to the changes from DST. This means you no longer have to play guessing games with the onset of dusk, or when sunrise peaks over the horizon each morning!  With our lighting control animation technology, setting your outdoor lighting to compensate for more daylight in the morning and less daylight in the evening doesn’t have to be a hassle. Once we have programmed your outdoor lighting control automation, your lights will automatically reflect the change. Our lighting control automation is not only convenient; it provides safety for you, your family and your home as well.

St. Louis LED landscape lighting

By combining LCA with low-voltage LED outdoor lighting you can have more time for some R&R!

In addition to automatically adjusting to facilitate the change for daylight savings time,LCA also provides automation that you will enjoy every day. It simplifies your outdoor lighting. Our smart timer can do more than simply turn on selected outdoor lights at dusk. It can also be programmed to link to your indoor lights as well, delivering the ultimate in convenience. Here are just a few of the benefits LCA will provide.

  • LCA will ensure your outdoor lights come on automatically at dusk and off at dawn or the time of your choosing.
  • LCA will allow you to designate zones of lighting, and program these zones to turn on and off automatically so your home always looks occupied. This is a huge convenience when you are on vacation.
  • LCA will allow you to program your lights to come at 50% power with the onset of dusk and progressively increase as the evening gets darker. This feature not only saves energy; it also creates a romantic ambiance in your landscape.
  • LCA can be programmed to control from your laptop or even your smart phone. This feature allows you to control your lighting from remote locations for the utmost convenience and versatility.
  • LCA will allow you to illuminate your home and landscape in any configuration and to come on at varying times. The choices are only limited to your imagination.
  • Combining LED outdoor lighting with our LCA technology will definitely  give you more time for some R&R!
Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

If you would like to learn more about how easy outdoor lighting can be, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today. Our outdoor lighting designs are easy on the eye and offer convenience without the worry of ever flipping a switch again! (636) 561 – 1818
Email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

See more examples of our LCA systems at work in landscapes and homes in our region by visiting our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery and our outdoor lighting photo gallery located on our website!

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