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Landscape lighting done right

Our outdoor lighting enhances everything around it, with soft washes of light!

As you can imagine, this is a common question. We work with discerning St Louis area homeowners who are smart to do their due diligence when selecting a contractor for a significant home improvement such as adding outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting not only beautifies your home, but it also makes for safer movement about your yard at night. Architectural facade lighting not only shows of your home during the evening, but it also adds some home security. Would be intruders are smart to stay away from well illuminated areas. So many of our St. Louis area customers also have backyard outdoor lighting on their pool, patio, or deck. They often tell us that previous to adding backyard lighting, nobody ever went out to those areas at night.

There are a lot of great reasons to work specifically with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives but here are our top 5.

  1. Fourteen years in St. Louis
  2. Trained lighting designers
  3. Best of the old and new technologies
  4. Quick installation
  5. We focus on outdoor lighting

Fourteen years in St. Louis

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis opened in 2000. For 14 years we have been serving local customers throughout the metro market in areas including St. Albans, Chesterfield, Wildwood, and throughout many more of St Louis’ top locales. We have thousands of happy customers and these are not only one-time customers. We also provide annual maintenance programs to ensure your lighting package continues to look as good as when it was first installed. How many local home improvement providers have been serving this market for almost 15 years?

Patio lighting St. Louis

Patio lighting St. Louis

Trained lighting designers

Our outdoor lighting designers are trained in designing and installing outdoor lighting. Like any home improvement, you look for a specialist because of the experience that specialist brings to the table. Having installed outdoor lighting at thousands of local homes, we we blend our expert training with our experience to bring the best outdoor lighting designs to your home.

Best of the old and new technologies

With any home improvement, not only are there lots of choices, but that list expands exponentially when adding all the new technologies. Take LED for example. We hear a lot about LED. It’s a great technology and the bulbs last 50,000 hours or more. Imagine not having to change a bulb for years! Compare that to even a simple lamp in your home. You probably keep a small stash of light bulbs just for the lamps and overhead lighting fixtures that seem to need new bulbs on a regular basis. But, when a bulb is good enough to last for years, it has a higher price. We kept a close watch on this new technology both from a capabilities and also a cost perspective. We feel the time is right for LED technologies. We are not only offering this as an option for new customers. Many of our existing customers are asking us to retro-fit their lighting to LED which we are able to do.

Quick installation

When you are ready to move forward with a home improvement, it’s probably something you have thought about for quite a while. You’ve no doubt done your research and you’re not only ready to say go on the expense, but you also want it installed as quickly as possible. We know this so we keep inventory on hand to complete installations often within a few days to a week after our customers contract with us for their lighting.

We focus on outdoor lighting, and that’s all!

We have had too many calls from St. Louis homeowners telling us that they contracted with their landscaper or irrigation company for their outdoor lighting, and the system is worthless. We’ve pulled countless numbers of those systems out and put in professional outdoor lighting. We don’t install sprinklers. We don’t offer any landscaping services. We focus on outdoor lighting and we do lighting right.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

If you are ready to add outdoor lighting to your St. Louis area home, give us a call for a free consultation at  (636) 561-1818 or email JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com. We look forward to your call.



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Outdoor lighting with curb appeal

Notice how our quality fixtures blend into the landscape, leaving the focus to the lighting itself.

You may have seen an advertisement that reads something like this:

Oil and waterFor Hire, we do drip irrigation installation, install  lawn sprinkler systems, our other services  include low water installation, landscape lighting, drainage & erosion control and more.” 

Look closely at the services this irrigation company offers and see if you can identify the one which doesn’t fit. Clearly the trade that rises to the top like water in oil is landscape lighting.  The old saying “choosing the right person to do a certain job is as important as the job itself” comes to mind when I see an advertisement such as this, or visit a home to fix the outdoor lighting completed by an irrigation company left behind.  This statement rings true when it comes to choosing the right person to install your outdoor lighting. You cannot imagine how many times I have responded to a homeowner in dire need to get their outdoor lighting straightened out by a professional after hiring  someone not qualified, nor with any knowledge or experience of how to install outdoor lighting. I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a professional outdoor lighting company to do it right the first time.

Irrigation Nightmares in Outdoor lighting

This outdoor lighting installation was completed by an irrigation company complete with tremendously cheap fixtures and a very sloppy, overworked and under maintained installation.

Within this industry the fault line is usually drawn when a homeowner decides to let his landscaper or irrigation company install their outdoor lighting. Many people assume that since these trades are well versed in the areas where most outdoor lighting is typically placed, that they are capable of doing the lighting. Many times the homeowner says ” why not let my irrigation company or landscaper install my lighting while the area is already cleared and dug up for the task.” Regretfully, what usually ensues is a poorly executed outdoor lighting installation with improper fixtures, poor design execution, or not enough of the appropriate fixtures to achieve the desired effect. Many times, the fixtures are the wrong kind, the wiring is done incorrectly and in some cases once they leave your property you will never see them again. Outdoor lighting installations such as these usually come with no service , no warranty and no one to help you when things turn out to be  less than expected.

Our classic copper path light is a work of art in itself

Our fixtures, like this classic copper path light, is a work of art in itself.

The fact remains that those trained and certified in their specific area of expertise deliver better results when you hire them to do what they do best. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis is a professional and experienced company that takes outdoor lighting very seriously, because it is all we do. We don’t offer “add in” services, or promote anything other than quality outdoor lighting design and installation. We stand behind our fixtures and our installations. Our commitment doesn’t end when we leave your home, we offer annual maintenance plans to ensure your outdoor lighting system is operating beautifully one day from now and years from now. Our products are warranted to give you the peace of mind that comes along with quality made outdoor lighting fixtures and components as well.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

If you are looking for outdoor lighting design and installation that is focused and pays attention to every detail, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today. You can call us at (636) 561 – 1818 or send us an email at JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

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St. Louis landscape lighting path-lighting

Is there anything more magical than beautiful outdoor lighting combined with superb customer service?

As the area’s premier outdoor lighting company, we believe in treating the customer as king. This begins the moment we planning their new outdoor lighting design and continues into the time they spend with us as customers on our maintenance plan. Where other outdoor lighting companies treat their customers like a number, we don’t. We believe in getting to know our customers’ individual needs, from designing a custom outdoor lighting plan to maintaining their system, and treat them as such — an individual.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance St. Louis

Our maintenance program is tops at keeping your system in tip-top shape!

This type of attention is part of why our customer service stands out among other outdoor lighting companies in the area. We believe in providing great lighting to our customers to improve the look and feel of their home and it’s something we are quite passionate about. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis has been in the outdoor lighting business longer than anyone else in St. Louis. We are in our fourteenth year and are still servicing some of our first outdoor lighting installations that have been with us since the beginning, including many customers in Chesterfield and Wildwood. Our commitment to high quality professional outdoor lighting and superb customer service is evident in all facets of our outdoor lighting.

Often times, homeowners will contact us giving positive feedback about their experience with us. We recently received this testimonial from one of our customers, the content speaks volumes about the relationship we believe in maintaining with our customers:
Your lovely scheduler did a wonderful job of patiently explaining to me why I should remain on your Maintenance Plan for my lighting.  I just received your bill and a courtesy of a 20% discount for a “Preferred Customer”. 
Having extended such courtesies myself before I retired from my law practice and rarely hearing a “Thanks”, I want to let you know how much we appreciate it!  My income has changed since my early retirement last year and your discount is especially meaningful. By the way, your two young service guys who came here last Thursday could not have been nicer or more professional.  Hence,  your continued success and my continued loyalty.  
Many, many thanks!
Outdoor Lighting Customer Service St. Louis

We treat our customers like they are our only customers.

This testimonial was unsolicited and the homeowner was moved enough by his experience to take the time to let us know. Success stories such as these speak volumes about our business and the way clients perceive Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis. Along with our personalized service, we offer outdoor lighting systems which are always on the cutting edge of technology including LED, lighting control automation, and enchanting holiday lighting. Our expert designs can bring so much to the table to enhance the exterior of your home.  Our service, quality of installation and products are among the best in the business. We stand behind each and every design including installation and our fixtures. Our techniques, abilities and dedication enable us to customize a lighting system for your specific needs. Dedication and attention to detail is what sets us apart from all the rest.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis can take care of all your outdoor lighting needs too including design, installation and maintenance of your lights. From start to finish, we are the outdoor lighting company you keep. Contact us today to learn more.
(636) 561 – 1818
email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

Please see more examples of our stunning outdoor lighting designs by visiting our outdoor lighting photo gallery located on our website. You can also read more testimonials by visiting our website as well.


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We take outdoor lighting very seriously because it is all we do!

We take outdoor lighting very seriously because it is all we do!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, we have seen many less than professional outdoor lighting designs and installations here in the St, Louis area since we have been in business. We have unfortunately gone in behind many of the other “so called” outdoor lighting professionals to fix the headaches they have left homeowner to deal with over the years. This includes fixing the failed attempts at of landscapers trying to properly install their own outdoor lighting. The problems we have fixed range from poor design, to fixtures that don’t deliver on their promises, to whole systems that just don’t work. Even if you set out on a journey with all good intentions to save a few bucks by hiring a cut-rate installer, in the end it usually ends up costing you more instead of less. Our outdoor lighting service is full-service. This means we will stand behind our work from start to finish, and we will maintain your system after installation is complete.

Landscape lighting pool lighting St. Louis

Using this backyard oasis at night would be impossible without outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is our business and it is all we do. Installing outdoor lighting is difficult, requires lots of knowledge, and can be fraught with perils if not done correctly. These perils include the risk of fire and the risk of cutting important power and other lines just for starters. Our outdoor lighting services include architectural and facade lighting to bring out the best features in your beautiful home or storefront. We offer LED outdoor lighting, including LED conversion service that can save a lot of green in terms of power costs and environmental benefits. We also offer our customers the most up-to-date lighting control automation (LCA). We also specialize in landscape and garden lighting, pool and water feature lighting, deck and patio lighting, multiple facets of commercial outdoor lighting and of course, our holiday lighting designs have been providing St. Louis area residents joy during the Christmas holiday for many years.

One of the biggest benefits of using an established company like ours for your outdoor lighting needs is that we have proven that we have staying power within our market and demographic region. We have a great product and great service, as well as a group of dedicated people to go along with it. Remember your home is the single biggest investment most of us will make in our lives, why trust anyone but a professional for your outdoor lighting needs?

Take a look at just a few of our satisfied customers in this video:

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

If you are considering the addition of outdoor lighting at your residence, or have an existing outdoor lighting system in need of an upgrade to bring it up to the standards you deserve, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis at (636) 561 – 1818
Email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

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Bad box at good property for lighting

This transformer box was found at an upscale property, zip-tied to a tree.

Just take a gander at the picture to the right. You are probably wondering what it is and why it is zip tied to a tree. The picture serves as a good example of just one of the things that can happen when you hire a less-than-professional company to do your outdoor lighting. This particular image shows a rusty, worse-for-wear lighting transformer box affixed to a tree within the homeowner’s landscape. Believe it or not, this was found in the landscape of a very high-end property. Upon arriving at the residence to work on their outdoor lighting woes from another company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis found other elements not completed up to par. Along with the transformer’s ill placement and disregard for aesthetics, we also found where the previous company had broken a light cover and carelessly left it atop a wall instead of replacing it. These details were more than likely left unchecked because the homeowner had hired their irrigation company to do their outdoor lighting. Since outdoor lighting is not their bread and butter, they may not have replacement light parts handy in their truck.


First impressions are everything. This home welcomes guest with a lighting transformer on the front porch?

Making sure that unsightly areas are obscured plays a large role in how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis creates a total lighting package for our customers. We think beyond the lights and the lighting design. We always place transformers out of view in places where they aren’t likely to become an eyesore. Our philosophy involves presenting you with a total lighting effect. Professionally appointed outdoor lighting should appear like it operates as if by some magical unseen force; wiring, cords and transformers are made to seem invisible and all you have left is an outdoor lighting installation that is seamless.

Being in the business of outdoor lighting, and only outdoor lighting, I have seen things over the years that would leave you astounded at the lack of effort and experience people outside their given trade have tried to pass off to the homeowner as a professional job. This is especially true for landscapers or irrigation companies who try to install outdoor lighting for homeowners under the guise that they have the knowledge to design and install the lighting correctly. I constantly see unsafe wiring practices, fixtures that are falling over or leaning the day they are installed, and even outdoor lighting that doesn’t even light anything by haphazard placement with no rhyme or reason. Just because you specialize in a trade within a landscape, doesn’t make you the master of the landscape as a whole!


Oops! The fixture is falling over, unstable and bound to point light in the wrong direction as a result.

Outdoor lighting should be installed and executed by an outdoor lighting professional. Tradesman who offer specialization within their chosen trade have experience, knowledge and the know-how to make sure their job is completed correctly. Therefore if you hire them to do a job outside their spectrum of expertise just because they happen to already be at your home or they offer to do a job for you at a price that seems too good to be true, chances are, it probably is.

Notice how this outdoor lighting transformer sticks out like a sore thumb as you walk up to this home-

Notice how this outdoor lighting transformer sticks out like a sore thumb as you walk up to this home-

We take the integrity of our products and services very seriously. If a customer asked us to install some irrigation since we’re installing product in their yard, we refer them to a respectable, high quality, and knowledgeable irrigation company. Every company has its sweet spot. But in addition to that, every company has a specific area of expertise. Your home is the single biggest investment many of us will make in our lifetime, why trust an amateur to do a job that requires a professional just to save a few bucks. The bottom line is don’t hire a landscaper or Irrigation Company to install your outdoor lighting, leave it to the pros.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis to ensure your outdoor lighting is done right the first time – no unsightly transformers, haphazard fixtures, or missing lens covers. We deliver the total package the first time and stand behind our products and service after we leave your home or business.(636) 561 – 1818
email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

Check out outdoor lighting as it was meant to be by viewing our landscape and garden outdoor lighting photo gallery, and our architectural outdoor lighting photo gallery located on our website.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis holiday lighting storage warehouse

A peek into our holiday outdoor lighting warehouse.

As you can clearly see by the photo of our holiday lighting and storage warehouse located in Lake St. Louis, we take holiday outdoor lighting seriously. By giving you a peek into our holiday lighting hub we want to communicate that we are not one of those “fly by night” holiday lighting outfits that are operated of someone’s garage — here one year and gone the next.

The real danger in using a fly by night company runs deeper than just their lack of service, knowledge and professionalism. It is also their lack of experience and insurance. Not having a substantial amount of either of these could spell big trouble if an accident happens while they are working on your property. Data shows that the annual ritual of hanging Christmas lights is responsible for nearly 90,000 emergency room visits each year. With this in mind, letting a novice company install your holiday lighting by using a less seasoned installer could leave you with big medical bills and costly liabilities that you hadn’t bargained for. We are different. Outdoor lighting is all we do all year long. Holiday lighting is an important part of our professional outdoor lighting services and we take it very seriously. Our lighting installers are trained professionals and are experts at the art and techniques of holiday lighting. We aren’t the lighting company that is here today and gone tomorrow.

St. Louis holiday lighting.jpg2

We offer a wide array of lighting and holiday greenery.

We offer a holiday lighting program that is an ultra-convenient, ultra-beautiful way to take care of your holiday lighting needs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis’ holiday lighting program takes one of the most tedious tasks of the year and makes it something to look forward to. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the season with family and friends, no worries, no ladders to scale and most of all someone to call in case you need help. We actually design, order, install, remove and store your outdoor holiday lighting for you. We offer the widest selection of outdoor holiday lights around as well as holiday greenery such as garland, wreaths and swags. We translate your desired holiday lighting theme, colors and locations you wish to illuminate into a customized design. We then order all the lights for you. Your lighting choices are only limited to your imagination and budget. When the time is right, we install your holiday lights to enjoy until it is time to remove the lights. After the holiday season is over, we will come out and professionally remove your outdoor holiday lighting and store it in our warehouse until the next holiday season — it’s that simple, and we never skimp on quality.

holiday-store-1 Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

We are now taking appointments for our holiday lighting program so don’t delay.

We are a tried and true, 12 year old St. Louis company that has roots in the area. Our commitment is to treat each customer’s home as if it were our own. We are a family owned business proudly serving the St. Louis and St. Charles Counties of Missouri. We have a professional team of lighting designers and installers ready to handle all of your lighting needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly office staff is always available to help our customers with questions, concerns and scheduling.

holiday-install-1 Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

No more shaky ladders and lack of storage space this season.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis for a free quote on your holiday lighting. You won’t have to play Santa before the time comes by having to search through your attic, pulling out your lights and “testing them twice”. We store your holiday lights and come put them up next year without you having to thumb through Rubbermaid boxes or lift a finger. A bulb is out when they come out of the box? You’ll never know. We test everything in our warehouse and replace anything before we come out to install your holiday lighting.  (636) 561 – 1818
email: JimSchwartz@OutdoorLights.com

You can see more quality St. Louis outdoor Christmas lighting designs by visiting our outdoor holiday lighting gallery located on our website

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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genuine copper path light by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives STLI come across this quite a bit and to be honest, it’s just a head scratcher. A homeowner will give us a call to take a look at their outdoor lighting that was installed by their irrigation company because they are not pleased with it or it’s not working altogether. Often when I go there, I find things like a giant spotlight sticking out of the front lawn that points at the house. Sometimes I find plastic fixtures that are falling over or I find a mass of cheap plastic fixtures trying to do the work of what a couple good fixtures would do. The only thing we have in common with irrigation companies is that we also install our product in the ground. That’s it.

We take the integrity of our products and services very seriously. If a customer asked us to install some irrigation since we’re installing product in their yard, we refer them to a respectable, high quality, talented, and knowledgeable irrigation company. Every company has its sweet spot. But in addition to that, every company has its expertise area. We find it really hard to imagine that a company’s sweet spot is installing anything that goes in the ground in your yard. That would be like saying any doctor who does surgery can do all types of surgery just because they are qualified to do one particular type.

poorly installed outdoor lights by landscaper

Don’t let this happen to your yard!

Things like irrigation systems and outdoor lighting systems are investments and they pay off big time. But, they only pay off if you have the right product installed by the right people, installed correctly, and serviced correctly. This brings a key consideration to light. Have you ever hired a contractor only to find that when you search for them to make a fix a few months later that they’re no longer in business or nowhere to be found? We have been designing, installing, and servicing outdoor lighting here in the St. Louis area for over a decade. We have thousands of outdoor lighting customers throughout the St. Louis metro. We have not ever installed an irrigation system and we never will. We encourage you to make sure to use an outdoor lighting company that strictly does outdoor lighting. Give us a call. You won’t be disappointed.

We’ve collected pictures of some of the terrible outdoor lighting we see that was installed by landscapers and irrigation companies. Don’t let that happen in your yard. Give us a ring at (636) 561 – 1818 or visit our information to see our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery. We look forward to your call.

Schwartz family Christmas 2012

Jim Schwartz, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis, and his family.

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